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"Top 5 Videos to Boost Your Internal Communications"

By Jessica Walton

With the increased consumption and accessibility of video, it’s no secret that video marketing is becoming an increasingly popular tool in the digital marketing toolbox. In a content-overloaded world nothing is more valuable than being able to hold consumer attention, and apparently audiences are 10 times more likely to engage and share video content than related social posts.  As for SEO, adding a video to your website can increase the chance of a front page Google result by 53 times


I don’t think I need to convince you any further that video is a great visual tool for making a connection with consumers, fans, and other supporters. But have you thought about the power of video for internal communication at your company? Just as video has the power to encourage audiences to participate in your brand, it can also inspire your employees to get more involved within your company, promoting an overall healthier and more engaged corporate culture.

The Dilemma:

I was initially hired at a large global hi-tech firm as a marketing writer, but later became a project manager working mainly in video production. Often serving as a linchpin between the marketing and HR departments, my focus began to expand from customers and dealerships to our very own employees.


The dilemma that arose, according to the HR department, was that out of the several internal memos that were being sent out to employees each week, the percentage of materials actually being read were at an unsatisfactory low.

Why was this? I only had to speak to a small handful of employees to find out, and the simple answer was this: people were overwhelmed by information. After a long day in front of computer screens, employees’ eyes were hurting and their brains needed a little break. 

This is where I knew video would come to the rescue.

The Solution:

Who doesn’t like a touch of entertainment after a long day at work? By translating the internal memos into short and fairly entertaining videos, we encouraged employees to not only open them up, but actually enjoy getting the lowdown.

We already had an in-house video production team, equipped with a studio containing a green screen and a teleprompter. (If you don’t have a studio and regular team, at the very least have some good lighting equipment and quality microphones.)


The key to efficiency was to create a workable template for each type of video we wanted to produce on a regular basis and make sure that everyone was on board with the basic concepts. 

Here are some of the ideas that we came up with:

Video #1 - The Competitive Intel

Every week, the director of competitive intelligence at our company – let’s call him Danny –circulated a report detailing the latest features of comparable products being developed by competitor companies. As a script writer, I was able to break down each industry update into an easy-to-read video script that Danny could then read from a teleprompter in front of the green screen in our studio. We later added simple graphics in the background to illustrate his report and kept the video under 5 minutes each time.

Another idea: Include other employees in delivering the report, especially if the actual author of the report is shy in front of the screen. It’s a fun way to get additional people on board and the other employees will get a kick out of seeing their colleagues on the screen.

Video #2 - Hello from the Other Side

Our headquarters were located in Israel, but we had branches across Europe and Australia. We selected a few enthusiastic employees from each branch to submit regular video recordings of themselves discussing the latest happenings and achievements at their own offices – to be shared with all of the company.


It was a friendly and effective way to keep everyone updated and to bridge the physical distance between the branches. Ultimately, we wanted to make employees feel like one big family, no matter where they were located on the globe.

Video #3 - Hello from the Road

Several times a year there were industry trade shows that a select number of employees attended. Using simple cameras and clip-on wireless microphones, we started sending them off to each show with the basic equipment required to “report” their experiences.


Back at the studio, we edited the footage to include only the top highlights of each event. The videos were fun to watch and kept everyone on the same page regarding the latest trends in our industry.

Video #4 - The Executive Message


From holiday greetings to congratulating employees on a new product launch, we were occasionally able to grab the very busy CEO for a recording session that allowed him to share exciting news or promote a sense of camaraderie. We always kept the language short and simple and usually filmed the CEO in his natural setting, i.e. his office.

Video #5 - Customer Testimonials

This was a fairly easy video to create since we already had much of the material on hand from other projects. Sharing batches of these testimonials throughout the company (especially with the R&D department) boosted morale with positive feedback. It also provided insights into areas for potential improvement and highlighted “wish list” features that customers hoped to see in future products, igniting new ideas direct from the scene.

I hope these easy-to-implement video ideas prove helpful in your next internal communications planning session. I also recommend getting all the relevant team members together once a month to review areas for improvement and to brainstorm new ideas. 

If you would like to learn more about creating a spectacular company video, read up on my top 10 tips here.

Have a great day and feel free to be in touch!

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