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Thought Leadership: I frequently serve as a ghost author for senior leadership, blending human interest with complex defense technology stories. The attached includes an interview with Lockheed Martin's Vice President of Technology and Government Affairs about his career trajectory in the U.S. security community.


Feature Article: I conducted interviews with the country's leading hypersonics experts to write a feature piece on the collaboration between industry, government, and academia in support of the critical national need for hypersonics technology advancement.

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Thought Leadership: Maybe it’s her deep Texas roots or the fact that she’s a former pilot, but Heather Cohea is a firm believer in the old adage of work hard, play hard. Reflecting on her military experience and as Lockheed Martin's chief of staff for Engineering and Technology, Aeronautics, Heather talks human nature and what it takes to be a compelling leader.


Human Interest/Military: Brian Street admitted that when he first enlisted in the military just after high school, it wasn’t for the sake of any grand ideology or thirst for adventure. It was for the money. He was working two jobs to make ends meet and wanted to expand his opportunities. When his friends started joining the Navy, he decided to “rebel” and join the Air Force.

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High-Level Tech/Leadership: What exactly does it mean to operate at machine speed? It was one of several futuristic topics raised by Rod Makoske, Lockheed Martin’s chief engineer and senior vice president, Corporate Engineering, Technology & Operations and Jensen Huang, the founder and CEO of NVIDIA during a special virtual fireside chat.


High-Level Tech/Leadership: Explainable AI or “explainability” illuminates how neural networks--complex constructions that mimic the human brain--effectively reach their decisions for a more robust end product for the warfighter. I sat down with the CEO of DarwinAI and Lockheed Martin leadership to get the lowdown on the use of AI in today's battlespace.

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Interview Technique: The ability to conduct a smashing interview is an important asset not just for journalists, but for communications specialists, too. With the goal of assisting other writers and comms specialists, I shared a few key ideas that have helped me get what I need out of interviews recently. 


Video Concepts: I was initially hired at a large global hi-tech firm as a marketing writer, but later became a project manager working mainly in video production. Often serving as a linchpin between the marketing and HR departments, my focus began to expand from customers and dealerships to our very own employees where video became the star of the show.

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Creative Project Management: Before I started working as a project manager in the marketing/creative space, I started out as a creative (writer). With experience on both sides of the rodeo, I’ve thought carefully about the kind of useful information project managers should be providing to their creative teams in order to produce high-quality deliverables on time and within budget.