Jessica Lauren Walton

Welcome! I write about communications and culture in the security community and defense industry. I'm a dual American-Israeli citizen who served in the Israeli military and currently works in the U.S. defense industry in the Washington, D.C. area.


So, what's my deal?

I’ll be honest…I initially set up this website to promote my forthcoming memoir, but I realized I have a lot to say about communications, storytelling, and the exciting world of defense/security, so I figured I’d just dump it all on one website.


Oooh, a memoir? Let me tell you about that, too.

My memoir is about my experience as an American woman serving in the Israeli security community. It took me seven years to pull together a final manuscript.


I read A LOT of books on the topic of story craft to bring my memoir to life. I will happily share these lessons learned along with resources on my blog for other aspiring writers. 



This memoir is looking for a lit agent! If you'd like to talk shop, shoot me an email:

Reading Glasses on Book
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